Vidiwave Purchase Terms

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Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Vidiwave Purchase Orders:

Purchase orders are only deemed as valid and binding when issued by a company officer in the form of an official VIDIWAVE purchase order

VIDIWAVE will not accept liability or pay cancellation fees for any cancelled orders or returned products that are the result of misrepresentation of goods or services by the supplier.

Terms of Purchase:

Our Terms and Conditions of Purchase are deemed as accepted by suppliers, unless they are modified in writing and signed as accepted by a VIDIWAVE Director.

All suppliers involved in providing contracted services to VIDIWAVE must ensure all staff pass a full CRB check via the Home Office Disclosure and Barring Service.

Any breach of the above terms, will be deemed a breach of contract, resulting in a suppliers contract to supply goods or services to VIDIWAVE being immediately rescinded without further notice.

Title to Goods:

Title to all goods delivered remains with the supplier of the goods until such time as the relevant invoice is paid in full.

In the event of a breach of contract, any pre-paid goods or services not delivered shall be refunded to VIDIWAVE immediately by the supplier.

Delivery of Goods:

The seller may deliver goods by instalments in such quantities as agreed with VIDIWAVE at point of order.

Such instalments shall be regarded as separate obligations and no breach in respect of one or more of them shall entitle the seller to modify any subsequent instalments without prior written agreement.

VIDIWAVE reserves the right to withhold payment for any goods or services that remain outstanding, against the original terms of supply detailed in each purchase order.

Terms and conditions:

VIDIWAVE reserves its right to change and modify it’s Terms and Conditions of Purchase without notice.

UK Law governs all purchase orders placed by VIDIWAVE in the event that a supplier has a contractual or payment dispute.